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Jun 27 2016


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*(Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

More just like it right here.

Jun 26 2016

Your Nightly Briefing

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Sd1(Image by Armando Gallo for FU Underwear)


Ends Of The World

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Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 5.40.05 PM(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

More just like it right here.


This Is My Trainer, And He Could Be Yours

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Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 4.46.19 PMBrian Patrick Murphy (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

A few years back, I tried Snatched at Mark Fisher Fitness, having been impressed by actor Christopher Sieber's body transformation. While I didn't go from fat to fabulous, I did lose weight and my body changed a lot. Today, I'm heavier than I like to see reflected on the scale, and yet I know at least some of it is from muscle built at Mark Fisher Fitness and with my private trainer Dom.

Check them out, seriously, if you are (1) in NYC; (2) in need of a regular, inexpensive, intelligent fitness program; (3) not offended by graphic sex talk and trainers who dress like Brian, seen above.

Brian is one of the honchos, so he isn't teaching every class. But when you get him, he will be in underwear. As for the current debate over queer-baiting, I must say that MFF does it best—all their male trainers have beautiful, supple bods, era-appropriate booties and talk incessantly about kinds of sex you may not have even actually had, and then a girlfriend gets mentioned like four classes in, when you're hooked. (Brian's so deep in he's married!)

All kidding aside, the trainers—guys and girls—are excellent, the classes do work you over and the atmosphere is cheerful and encouraging. Just don't go in hoping Brian will do anal, because he doesn't. Anymore.

P.S. I am not getting paid, but if you do try them out, feel free to drop my name.


Marital Pride

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Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.26.33 PM(Video still via BKT-Films)

Check out this adorable video about the days leading up to a same-sex couple's wedding vows ...

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New York Seen

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IMG_7199*(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)


Shooting Off Her Mouth

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Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 4.19.54 PM(Video still via Comedy Central)

A never-seen sketch from Inside Amy Schumer tackles gun control with pitch-black comedy ...

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Not Good Enough Is Enough

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Donna_Summer_3(Image via Stargayzing)


This is arguably the best completed album ever rejected by a major label ... and it was by a major star at the peak of her fame.

And it's great.


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