Aug 28 2014

Midnight Snack

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From when Jason Priestley was such a hot piece he attracted the notice of Bruce Weber.

Aug 27 2014

On Your Toes: Fire Island Deal Of The Day

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In 22 years in NYC, I have yet to set foot on Fire Island. Why???

But for those of you who beg, borrow and steal away there often, this looks like a good deal.

ArtFrom a press release:

Book any 2 nights from Sept 12–Oct 15* and receive a 3rd night FREE at The Madison Fire Island Pines... 

With the heat of Summer 2014 subsiding, Fire Island’s peak beauty lies ahead. Travelers in-the-know enjoy the very best of this spectacular season at The Pines’ premier luxury retreat... 

Availability may become limited - so book now! Visit The Madison at or email or dial 631-597-6061.

While you're there, the hotel has an exhibition called Stolen Glances by Kyle Froman up (August 30—September 20, 2014) filled with behind-the-scenes shots from the New York City Ballet. Tutu cool!


Rick's Body Shop

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Welcome to the first in a series of posts spotlighting the hot work of Rick Stockwell. Here's Alec Varcas, with one more after the jump...

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Your Nightly Briefing

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  Hot-underwear Hot-sexy-underwear Hot Hot-undies

Farhad Z by Sam Devries for FU Underwear.


The Recline Of Western Civilization

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This is one of those stories bound to be talked about forever and ever, until a major terrorist event derails it:

A man brought a device onto a plane that is meant to disallow the person in front of you from reclining. I Knee-defenderwould guess it's popular with laptop users. When she realized what he'd done, the passenger in front of him got a flight attendant to intervene. The flight attendant asked him to remove it—and he said no. Then, the woman who could not recline got up and threw water on him.

Guess which pair of imbeciles caused the flight to be diverted?

My thoughts:

I hate when people recline. But it's an amenity offered by the airline, so you're absolutely out of your mind if you bring a device on to the place to disable that amenity. Instead, just politely ask the person not to recline—and then just as politely accept whatever their decision is.

The fact that the guy refused a flight attendant's request proves he's psycho.

The fact that the other passenger randomly threw water on him proves she's psycho.

I would ban both of them from the airline for life, and if I were him, I'd sue the lady for assault.

But both are stupid.

Or do you think I'm flying off half-cocked here?


It's So Hot In NYC, My Apartment Looks Like A Dog Crime-Scene Photo

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“Laura Mars”, eat your heart out!


Need To Know: Rudy, Rudy, Rudy + Ex Crimes + I See Dead PEOPLE + Bush Leagues + Guncrazy + Oh, Henry! + MORE!

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*widget boy cultureSHEIK MYSTIQUE: The 87th Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service. James-Bidgood

*widget boy cultureMariah Carey looks divorce-worthy.

*widget boy cultureSharon Tate covers People 45 years after her death!

*widget boy cultureKate Bush's first concert in 35 years!

*widget boy cultureAddams Family house up for sale, 1st time in 90+ years!

*widget boy cultureClassic gay portraits on display.

*widget boy cultureBenDeLaCreme's is terminal in NYC.

*widget boy cultureIs Rush Limbaugh on the way out?

*widget boy cultureMitt Romney lies again.

*widget boy cultureBORN WITH A TRUNK: Bradley Cooper's Broadway-bound Elephant Man is near.

*widget boy culture9yo girl kills her shooting instructor. “Go ahead and gimme 1 shot...all right!”

Mary-LambertMary had a little secret.

*widget boy cultureBehind the scenes with Mary Lambert.

*widget boy cultureFederal appeals judges don't find gay-marriage bans appealing at all.

*widget boy cultureDavid Lynch's ice-bucket challenge is so, so odd.

*widget boy cultureThe Henry Cavill/Amy Adams ice-bucket challenge is “so cold.”

Henry Cavill Superman ice-bucket challengeS-s-s-s-uperman

*widget boy cultureBerlin's gay mayor is out in more ways than one.

*widget boy cultureFind out if a gay love spell worked on this blogger's friends. Ruta-lee-03

*widget boy cultureMadonna might back Frida Kahlo exhibit in Detroit.

*widget boy cultureBroadway's Reed Kelly & Josh Canfield do Survivor.

*widget boy cultureCAREY ON: The Price is Right is seeking male models.

*widget boy cultureCinecon 50 honors Ruta Lee, Margaret O'Brien & more.

*widget boy cultureFOX News prefers Putin to Obama.

*widget boy cultureKevin Sorbo is as dumb as he looks.

*widget boy culture“Dad's a woman...” Season One of Transparent is coming.

*widget boy cultureWait, so is The Walking Dead's “Daryl” gay after all?

*widget boy cultureCops audio technician killed filming shoot-out.

*widget boy cultureUh, Hello Kitty is NOT A CAT.

*widget boy cultureIcky-sounding, sexist-seeming The News Sorority sounds...delicious.



Latest Models

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Garçon Model releases two more hot shots to show off its latest and greatest...

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