Mar 03 2015

Moore Nonsense

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The Alabama Supreme Court has blocked same-sex marriages, going against the current tide. When the Supreme Court decides this issue once and for all in June, those hicks will look like idiots.


Your Nightly Briefing

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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

Men’s underwear made from leather and lace provides the wearer with a sensual touch against his skin. The materials are dark and sexual, both with tactile appearances that demand to be touched. Leather underwear can sometimes have a wet look with its subtle shimmer – made sexier by the material’s practically vacuum-sealed level of tightness, in which you can see the outline of nearly everything. Lace underwear, on the other hand, plays up your own skin and gives it a nubile innocence. You can see through it easily, but good luck looking past it.

The second half of The Underwear Expert’s “Kink” photo shoot by Jerrad Matthew plays up lace and leather underwear. The fetish-friendly materials are again covering Jared North’s nether regions, and again push underwear boundaries (at least for some). The leather underwear and lace make each underwear style erotic. But while “dark” and “erotic” are both things each material has going for them, their sex drives head in different directions. 

Leather underwear is more likely to have a masculine design, whereas lace underwear, even for men, is bound to hang on to some femininity. Still, lace underwear, such as the Gregg Homme Blacklace Brief, reads as a strong masculine pair of underwear.

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Ends Of The World

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Via The Irish Warrior Erotic/Gay.


The Brit-Brit Awards

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Unlike Madonna, Britney didn't fall following a catastrophe. But her hair did...

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FOSTERing Acceptance

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ABC Family's The Fosters has to have set a record for the youngest-ever same-sex kiss on TV. Wasn't it just 10 minutes ago that people were stressing about the lesbian wedding on Friends? No, it was so long ago these characters weren't even born yet. Kudos.

When I worked in the teen biz, it always shocked me how risky ABC Family was, content-wise. I love that it has that name yet is not right-wing/conservative.


Prime Cuts

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's 45-minute speech to Congress has been described as a shocking affront. Hopefully, it will backfire on him at home and on Congress here. I'm telling you, 2016 can't get here fast enough.



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