Nov 24 2014

John Hancock-Tease: Penn Badgley

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When I ran a teen mag, I knew what the fuck I was doing. I could spot stars in their embryonic form from a mile away. Less hyperbolically, I was pretty good at figuring out which kids would blossom—I made good, early calls on Zac Efron, the Jonas Brothers, Hilary Duff, Jessica Simpson and lots more.

I was also on the money with Penn Badgley, who was such a cutie on a new show in 2002 called Do Over that we did an exclusive shoot with him.

When he ran in the mag, he sent me this adorable signed headshot. I can't tell you how rare it was to receive a thank-you.


Don't Ever Lego Your Dreams

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Via Reddit: This apparently authentic letter to parents from LEGO in the '70s (?) had the right idea.


Ends Of The World

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Here's The Beef: Billy Reilich's Affair With The Camera

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  Billy-Reilich-8 Billy-Reilich-4 Billy-Reilich-3 Billy-Reilich-2 Billy-Reilich-5 Billy-Reilich-6 Billy-Reilich-7

Billy Reilich—aka Ellen's “Nick the Gardener”—isn't letting any grass grow on his burgeoning career as as the camera's latest flame.

Billy-Reilich-1Touch me (up), feel me (up)

Here, he poses for Adam Leigh-Manuell, with styling by Pokey Walker and grooming by Lydia Brock and Kristen Pulice.


Temperatures Rising

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Bi porn star Jonathan West, real name Jonathan Jesensky, just became one of NYC's bravest, joining the fire department. Because of his past in X-rated film, the New York Daily News did a huge, splashy story on it.

You know, because it's wrong to do titillating things for money, but it's okay to do it for clicks.

He can pull me out of a fire any time.


Let Tom Of Finland Tuck You In

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Gone are the days when gay men had to sneak peeks at their Tom of Finland art when no one was Tom-Finlandlooking, when it would be stashed under the bed with all the other porn, when their survivors would discover stacks of it and dispose of it without ever letting anyone know their kin had of those.

Now, the art of the late illustrator is available on bedsheets and duvet covers, towels and totes. Finlayson, an esteemed textile maker in Finland, is adding a Tom of Finland line just in time for the holidays.

This follows hot on the heels of Finland's successful intro of a Tom stamp.

Sign me up!

Get yours here.


You're Welcome

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Tumblr_n5pzefj8cD1rk54eco3_500 Tumblr_n5pzefj8cD1rk54eco4_500 Tumblr_n5pzefj8cD1rk54eco8_500

Via Football Fetish.


Also Sexy, Also Alive, Also Men

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  Others-Matt-Bomer Others-Billy-Magnussen Others-Parker-Hurley Others-Kit-Harrington Others-Chris-Pratt

A gallery of a few of People's other sexy men, even if they somehow missed being tagged as the “Sexiest Man Alive” this year: Matt Bomer, Billy Magnussen, Parker Hurley, Kit Harrington and Chris Pratt.